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The Meaning of Every Rose Color You’ve probably heard that “a rose is a rose is a rose,” but while perfectly poetic, the Victorians wholeheartedly disagree. Flower meaning dictionaries were quite popular during the Victorian era for instance, pink carnations meant “I will never forget you,” and chrysanthemums meant “truth.” Though people didn’t necessarily send

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Types of Lilies: For flower lovers, the lily is one of the worlds most-preferred flowers for bouquets and flower arrangements. Today, modern women from all over the world still insist on the tradition of having lilies in their wedding flower arrangements. Aside from being the number one choice for floral arrangements in weddings, lilies are

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Why Leaves Fall from Trees in Autumn : Wildlife Promise French author Albert Camus tells us, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” And what opulent bouquets the leaves of autumn do create—whole mountainsides of dazzling color. But nature has a way of combining the sublime with the practical, and the

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“Gift Voucher Winner”

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“Competition Time “

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Debs Debs Debs !! Yes its that time of the year when after completing school, many young people attend a Debs graduation ceremony. In young people’s lives attending their graduation or debutant ball is one of the most lasting memories their likely to have and that rite of passage calls for ball gown with the

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