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At Flowers Forever our clientele and reputation extend far outside the Limerick boundaries, we can enhance your Corporate Event, Reception area or Workplace by providing you with the freshest and most exotic flowers creatively designed by our design team and all within budget. We offer a consultation service where we can visit you to recommend and advise on suitable fresh flower or plant arrangements, and by working together we will come up with the perfect concept for your business/office.We can all agree that having fresh flowers all around the Office/Reception is a treat!
They smell great and look beautiful!

Flowers Forever have been leasing and maintaining interior and exterior fresh/silk plants and trees to the Corporate Sector for almost 29 years now. We take special care during every phase of the interior landscaping process. Before we do any installation, our designers will visit your facility to check any factors that may create problems – Conditions such as lighting, heating, cooling, interior design and traffic flow all have to be considered before any installation. We can then develop a plan using plants best suited so that they will both compliment the environment and flourish in it. Our competitive packages meet all budgetary requirements and will suit any office space. To set up an appointment for our Design team to visit your office please Click Here to email us with your requirements.


What are the benefits of having Plants in your Office environment?

Adding plants to your office is something that every employer should want to do.The benefits, both the physical and psychological are evident in numerous scientific studies. The cost savings are also significant enough for any cost conscious business owner to sit up and take notice.

A University study revealed that displaying fresh flowers can actually improve your general wellbeing. The study proved that flowers are associated with positive energy and can increase happiness, reduce depression and anxiety. Pretty powerful, right? Even smelling fresh flowers can instantly brighten your mood! Everyone has their own favourite blooms, but did you know that specific colours and shapes can also affect your mood? Less saturated colours and softer shaped flowers will generally make you feel more relaxed, while bright coloured flowers with sharper angles will energise you.


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