Types of Lilies:

For flower lovers, the lily is one of the worlds most-preferred flowers for bouquets and flower arrangements. Today, modern women from all over the world still insist on the tradition of having lilies in their wedding flower arrangements.

Aside from being the number one choice for floral arrangements in weddings, lilies are also the main attractions in all kinds of flower bouquets for almost all occasions. The reason is simple – there are so many types of lilies fit for any occasion.


For new lily growers, it is a bit confusing which type you would want to grow. Some are easier to cultivate, some bloom earlier, some need the full sun, others like partial shade.

The following is a short rundown of the most popular lily groups according to their horticultural classification.

Asiatic hybrid (division 1)

These hybrids are among the easiest to grow and one of the early bloomers. They love the sunshine and you can plant them almost anywhere.

Asiatic hybrids have the broadest color range (white, pink, red, plum, yellow, oranges) of any division, but their flowers are not scented.

Martagon hybrid (division 2)

Martagons are tall lily varieties with down-facing flowers. They are very popular garden plants, although they need some shade.

The flowers come in many bright shades of colors, too, and often have freckles and spots on them.

Candidum hybrid (division 3)

They are the rare types of lilies, and are not commercially available. They are mostly cultivated by people who loved rare plants.

American hybrid (division 4)

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By their names, you would know they are natives of the United States and Canada. These lilies have flowers like balloons, and the petals are joined toward their back.

The flowers of this variety are used to create some very beautiful and graceful bouquets.
The plant needs a shady garden area.

Longiflorum hybrid (division 5)

This group includes hybrids from L. longiflorum and formosanum. The flowers look like elegant white trumpets. They are raised from seeds, although they are not keen to be in the garden.

Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids (division 6)

Trumpet lilies are standouts in the garden with their magnificent and huge flowers – tall, serene, and full of fragrance and colors. These two hybrids usually bloom in mid to late season.

The flowers range from glistening white, bright gold, chartreuse, pink, plum, apricot and others, including those with brown, purple, or iridescent green backs.

Oriental hybrid (division 7)

These lilies are not easy to grow, but they are exotic. They have huge fragrant flowers in shades of white, pink, salmon, and crimson.

The plant needs plenty of water and partial shade. They also need a slightly acidic soil.

Miscellaneous hybrids (division 8)

These varieties combine the beauty of the oriental flowers with the ruggedness of trumpets and aurelians. They are suited to hot summer areas but are also resistant to winter cold.

Species (division 9)

Typically, species lilies are wild lilies. These are the wild types that breeders use to create some of the more beautiful hybrids of today. Species lilies have delicate charms on their own.

For a plant that is easy to grow and cultivate, lilies is one colorful addition to your garden.