Valentine’s Day at Flowers Forever– the Midwest‘s finest florist. Our design team at Flowers Forever have been hand-picked for their friendly approach and extraordinary creative flair so that your flowers are truly memorable.
The proprietors Rachel and David Hannon personally guarantee a premier service and consistently high standards of design. This Valentine’s Day we just want our flowers to be the most impressive so just let us delight and enthrall you with our floral designs and unparalleled service.
This year our new rose varieties have not only expanded the color palette but have also enhanced features such as bloom size, shape, stem length, and fragrance our new red roses range from shades of bright raspberry to majestic scarlet to velvety-dark red or orange-kissed hues – pinks now include traditional pinks, hot pinks, peaches, apricots, and corals. “
There’s another trend in Valentine flowers this year towards mixed fresh arrangements, lilies, irises, and a host of other fresh favorites and though roses are still the favorites flower of love customers are becoming much more tuned into other romantic flower options.
Depending on just how much ‘WOW’ do you want to send for whatever occasion or season trust Flowers Forever to professionally arrange and personally deliver not only roses but a wide variety of flowers like orchids irises and lilies to delight that very special someone or to mark those special occasions in your life where your sentiments need be conveyed in a particular way.
If you want quality flowers with unique, artistic and stunning color/ design or if you are looking for truly something fantastic with clever messaging sentiment in 2018 then Flowers Forever is the place of excellence where you will find all your looking for!