The connotation of white roses is not far-fetched, especially with the knowledge of what the colour itself stands for. However, being the definitive symbol of purity and innocence is not all there is to the white rose.

The flower of light, as the white rose is fondly called, is the definition of pure and spiritual love. Being a formal colour, you can hardly go wrong with white roses.

Historical significance of white roses:

According to researches, since ancient Roman times, white roses were closely linked to Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of beauty and love. According to the myth, she came to life from a foaming sea, and white roses grew all over the land the foams landed on. The roses were initially white until Aphrodite pierced herself with its thorns. This resulted in the white roses becoming red.
White roses were also said to be very abundant during the medieval times because of their association with the Virgin Mary. In the 15th century, white roses were the symbol of the House of York, and very much involved in the war of roses.
In 1840 during Queen Victoria’s wedding, white roses were so plentiful that it gave birth to the tradition of white roses on weddings. During the Victorian Era, potential suitors sent white rose blooms to their love interest, which often meant the beginning of courtship.

The meanings of white roses

Purity, chastity, virtue: In a world filled with doubt as to how steadfast and pristine a love can be, white roses deify a love that is not only resistant but immune to temptations and lust of the flesh. In Christianity, the Virgin Mary is mentioned as the Mystical Rose of Heaven. Picture a first-time bride as she takes her steps down the aisle, holding these beauties. This is in stark contrast to the passionate promises that a red rose elicits. If it is a white rosebud, the meaning is slightly different. It signifies youthful ignorance. The white rosebuds say proudly “I am still too young for love.” The freshness that comes with spring is seen here, as well as the youth and beauty of girlhood.
Everlasting love: This is in close association with the meaning above. This pure love overcomes even death because it is everlasting and undying. This love renews itself day after day. It is sustained more with loyalty and understanding than naïve passion seen with red roses. This means the love here is mature. So in the same vein, this also means a loyalty that does not change at any time or situation. Before red roses became acknowledged as the symbol of true love, white roses bore the meaning.
Innocence and sincerity: A white rose reveals the full sincerity of your intentions towards someone or something. If you ever need to convince someone of your innocence and the purity of your mind, a virgin snow white rose should be the first thing that comes to mind. A virgin that bears a hand bouquet of white roses, aims to assure her intending partner of her utmost innocence. The white rose is considered the bride on the wedding day. According to the language of flowers, the white rose says “I am deserving or worthy of you.” This sticks with the groom for the rest of his life, as he sees the sincerity accompanied in her eyes.
New beginnings: This is one of the reasons they are used a lot in weddings. It makes sense because first of all, a wedding is a new beginning, and everlasting love, purity, innocence, and the other meanings of white roses are embedded in the marital bond. This is not restricted to only the context of marriage. Because a new beginning means hope, white roses can be shared with people to encourage them and give them a feeling of hope.
Secrecy: This meaning is derived from the War of Roses, where the House of York used them to indicate conversations they wanted to remain secret and confidential. This is one of the lesser known meanings of white roses. Some people who wish to be discreet with a piece of information accompany the message with a white rose.
Honour: White roses are commonly appreciated as memorials for people that have passed on. Funeral and sympathy arrangements provide room for white roses to show a visual picture of respect, reverence, and undying love; a fitting way to honour a loved one or friend, and bid the last goodbye. The sympathy and humility expressed by white roses show an aspect of the spirituality attached to white roses.

Because of the strong meaning white roses carry, when they are being handed over to someone, the full meaning of them should be borne in mind. White roses are enjoyed in reverent occasions, formal ceremonies, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc. They also exude a high-class display, when used to decorate homes, offices, and other facilities.
White roses are enchanting and captivating in every sense of the word. A Glowing, sparkling, and shimmering flower bouquet of white roses, holds the key to the hearts of many people all over the world. The magnificent design and meaning make them superior to many other flowers. You should not miss out on any opportunity you have to share white roses with someone.