Flower Arrangements

Arranging flowers is a fun art with living, dried, or artificially sculptured flowers. These arrangements can be used for everyday displays in attractive flower vases or other water holding containers and placed on any furniture table or shelving in the home or commercial location. Flower arrangements can also be used or presented for weddings, birthdays, parties, and other special events.

Flowers help to add color to any home and office décor, refresh a room with sweet aromas, change the vibrations of a room from cool to warm, add beauty, and add a touch of love to the environment.

Flower arrangements can be made from fresh cut flowers from a personal flower garden or purchased from a fresh flower florist, a farmer’s market, or a grocery store. Other flowers may be dried, or artificial variations constructed from paper, plastic, clay or porcelain, silk and other assorted fabrics and leather.

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Cut flowers can be gotten from any favorite floral plant; however, for best results, long-stemmed flowers are preferred.

Long stems allow cuttings to be at assorted heights and allow for flowers to be arranged in steps or tiers.

Select the healthiest stems of flowers. Remove unwanted insects, such as ants, from stems, leaves, and blossoms. Select an assortment of tight buds, half opened and full blossoms. The assortment of different budding stages will help the flower arrangement to have a longer lifetime.

Prepare stems by removing any unwanted leaves or thorns. Cut flower stems at a 45 degree angle while holding the stem section under water. This will allow for longer life as the open part of the stem is not be exposed to air. Place cut stems immediately into a clean container filled with water.

Extending Lifetime of Cut Flowers

1. Cut flowers usually last seven days. Change the water in the vase everyday. When changing the water also cut away another portion of the stem. Be careful not to cut too much. Also check the vase for any unwanted dead leaves which are in the water and remove. Dead leaves cause the formation of bacteria and create a foul odor.

2. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the water. Some people say adding an aspirin (acid) to the water also helps.

3. Another popular formula for extending the lifetime of the cut flowers is to mix one teaspoon of household bleach, one teaspoon of sugar, and two teaspoons of lemon or lime juice to one quart of water. The bleach helps rid bad bacteria, the sugar is food for the flowers, and the lemon or lime juice provides acid.