Zamioculas Plant




The Zamioculas or ZZ plant in its stylish green basket, with its wide, attractive dark green leaves, boasts many favorable traits for homes and offices. ZZ plant can tolerate neglect, is drought tolerant, and accepts low-light conditions without throwing a fit. Its waxy, smooth leaves reflect sunlight and brighten rooms. 

Plant height 45-55cm

Please Note: Orders for plants must be placed 3 to 5 days prior to delivery and are all subject to availability.

How To Care for a ZZ Plant

Place in a moderate to light position, away from direct sunlight.
Allow the compost to dry out before watering, water thoroughly & drain freely.
Keep away from cold direct heat sources & draughts.
Temperatures between 12-23c

Not for human consumption. Wash your hands after handling as some plants may cause skin or eye irritation. Protect all surfaces as scratching or staining may occur. Potentially harmful if eaten. Mildly toxic to pets if ingested. Always consult a vet for more information.

Delivery Information

For Same Day Delivery orders must be placed before 12pm, deliveries are from MONDAY to FRIDAY 9am to 5pm, but due to Covid-19 we CANNOT GUARANTEE same day delivery due to staff shortages because of social distancing. We will however do our very best to ensure your order is delivered within working hours, if its not it will be delivered within a 24 hour period.